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Ken Block’s Latest Gymkhana Car Is A Bespoke Rally-Spec Fox-Bodied Mustang

Ken Block’s Gymkhana movies are some of the most-watched viral automotive videos in the world, with view counts that routinely reach into the tens, if not hundreds of millions. In addition to the world-class driving on display, the videos also showcase stellar camera work, unique locations, finely-choreographed stunt-work, and some truly incredible vehicles. And though we don’t know what Block has in store for his next Gymkhana installment, the Southern California-born driver and the rest of the Hoonigan gang have now revealed the custom-designed car that will star in the next video.

Dubbed the “Hoonifox,” this bespoke creation is the work of Ash Thorp, a talented concept artist and automotive designer, and the person responsible for penning the recently-unveiled Batmobile. Ash called on a host of 1980s-era cars for visual inspiration for the build, namely Ford’s third-generation Fox-body Mustang. And, while we know it will be an extremely-potent, rally-spec AWD setup, Block has yet to reveal what the Hoonifox will be packing under (and just above) its hood. Though the Hoonifox is only in the conceptual phase, Ash has mocked up the vehicle in a variety of liveries, including a neon ‘80s scheme, and a Miami Vice-inspired monochrome white style.

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