Ken Block’s 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2

If you were ever unsure as to whether or not famed rally driver and Gymkhana maven Ken Block was insane or not, rest assured that he is. Completely. Why, you ask? Well, in his Gymkhana Seven video, the madman could be seen driving a soup-to-nuts upgraded 1965 Ford Mustang RTR – dubbed the Hoonicorn – which was loaded with an 845 horsepower V8 engine. And he has since upgraded it.

Looking to make a new Hoonicorn-featured video entry, Mr. Block – in conjunction with his team at Hoonigan – had decided that the original car “[…]needed more power for what [he] needed it to do.” Apparently, that meant refitting the all-wheel drive vehicle with fully customized twin turbos that force-feed 21 pounds of boost into the 410 cubic inch methanol-powered motor. The result is a more than 60% increase in horsepower – 1,400 ponies, to be exact. The beastly dual turbochargers can be seen jutting out of the new “stars and stripes” painted custom hood. So, don’t be surprised if the 10th entry in Block’s legendary trick-driving series features a launch into orbit.

Ken Block Hoonicorn V2 0

Ken Block Hoonicorn V2 02

Ken Block Hoonicorn V2 03

Ken Block Hoonicorn V2 04