Make A Return To The Great Outdoors With Kelty’s 2-Person Camp Bundle

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While a great many of us have fond, nostalgic memories of camping as a kid, studies, unfortunately, show that only a fraction of Americans continue to partake in camping as adults, which is a damn shame, as the activity allows one to unplug from the rigors and stresses of everyday life. Fortunately, returning to the wonderful world of camping just got easier with an accessibly-priced, multi-item bundle pack that includes the lion’s share of everything needed for a two-person camping trip.

The kit is comprised of five items: a spacious, four-person Kelty tent with mesh walls and canopy, floor, and rainfly fabric made from 68D polyester with a 1,200mm coating; two Kelty polyester taffeta-shelled and lined three-season sleeping bags with synthetic CloudLoft insulation; and a pair of Kelty 1.5” thick, self-inflating sleeping pads to insulate the sleeping bags and keep them up off the ground. In addition to boasting draft tubes with anti-snag zippers, the two sleeping bags can also be zipped together, allowing them to act is a two-person sleeping bag. This bundled item can also provide a nice respite from the monotony of the ongoing quarantining, with the combo serving as an all-inclusive kit with everything needed for some backyard camping. Available now, the Kelty Discovery 2-Person Camp Bundle is priced at $250.

Purchase: $250