Kelty Camp Cabin Tent

Interested in transporting your very own cabin in the woods on your back, setting it up at a moment’s notice for the night wherever that hiking trail may lead? Well, look no further than the Kelty Camp Cabin Tent, outfitted to serve as a personal domicile in which hunching over upon entry has become a thing of the past.

Each Camp Cabin Tent boasts a roomy design with steep walls and windows on all sides. There’s enough room in the tent to comfortably sleep four people and it’s just under 6.5 feet tall, meaning that unless you’re an NBA all-star you’ll be able to comfortably stand up straight while inside the Kelty tent. The camping tent also features a rain fly cap, taped floor seams, steel and fiberglass poles, and a user-friendly simple clip construction. Perfect for any level of camping three seasons out of the year, from music festivals to mountain hiking. The Camp Cabin is priced at $230. [Purchase]