Slater Designs Surfboards

The legendary Kelly Slater has earned a mind-blowing 11 World Surf League Champion titles, so you can say he knows a thing or two about surfboards. Naturally, he’s gravitated toward
surfboard design and has teamed up with Firewire to create four surfboards built to conquer the most epic waves.

There are four fresh sleds in the line-up: the Cymatic, Omni, Gamma, and Sci-Fi. All of the boards are built with durable EPS/Epoxy technology along with an aerospace composite that slices down the middle of each board, playing an essential role in creating the optimal flex from nose to tail. Out of the four stellar designs, the one that gets us amped for waves the most is the Cymatic, which is a hybrid of the Sci-Fi and Omni models, offering you the best of two superb boards. It features LFT (Linear Flex Technology) and is ideal for high-performance waves in the three to six-foot range. All four boards are available right this second.

Purchase: $600+