KEF Unveils Its First True Wireless Earbuds With The Noise-Canceling Mu3

The true wireless earbuds space has just gotten a lot more competitive, as KEF has announced its Mu3 Noise-Canceling True Wireless Earphones. The new earphones represent the high-end speaker maker’s first foray into the true wireless arena, and they unsurprisingly look outstanding.

The Mu3’s beauty is owed to the fact that they were designed in collaboration with artist Ross Lovegrove, who previously designed the company’s showstopping MUON speakers. But the Mu3 earphones are more than just a pretty face. The buds also feature Active Noise Canceling, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a case that can charge wirelessly or via USB-C, an ergonomic design, and they’re splash-proof. The earphones even include a fast-charging feature that allows for one hour of listening time after only a five-minute charge. No price has been announced as of yet, but you can sign up for a waitlist to find out when the KEF Mu3 True Wireless Earphones officially go on sale.

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