KEF’s Hi-Fi Speakers Use A Special ‘Meta’ Material To Reduce Distortion By 99%

While ultra-high-end speakers and monitors once largely existed on the strength of their transducers and components, more recent audiophile-grade equipment is achieving world-class sound through the use of novel cabinet designs and materials. One of the latest examples of this trend to break cover is American audio outfit, KEF’s new LS50 Meta bookshelf speakers.

Standing at 12” H x 7.9” W x 12.2” D, the LS50 Meta boasts 1” vented aluminum dome tweeters handling the high-frequencies while the mid-to-low-end sound comes from a 5.25” aluminum core that together allow for an impressive 47Hz – 45kHz frequency range, a 2.1kHz crossover frequency, and a 106dB maximum output. What makes these speakers special is their use of a Metamaterial Absorption Technology driver array, which consists of a maze-like structure—or “Metamaterial”—that reportedly absorbs some 99% of unwanted sound and distortion. This technology enables these elite Hi-Fi speakers to deliver ultra-crisp and clear sound to practically anywhere in a room, regardless of shape or furniture. Helping to refine the sound, even more, are Computational Fluid Dynamics-calculated patented offset port flares, injection-molded Dough Moulding Compound baffles, and vibration-absorbing Constrained Layer Damping cabinets. Available now in four color options, pairs of the KEF LS50 Meta Bookshelf Speakers start from $1,500.

Purchase: $1,500+