Keezel: Online Freedom For Public WiFi

One of the dangers of using a free WiFi hot spot at your local coffee shop is that if someone wanted to, they can view your private data through the public network. It all gets confusing, we know. But the Keezel aims to simplify the protection of your data.

Keezel is a small device that fits in your pocket that allows you to connect to your own VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is good for three things. First, you can choose to mask your network so that your IP appears to be from another country, allowing you to view international content (like live sports and certain Netflix content) even when you aren’t located in that country. Secondly, a VPN allows you to encrypt your private data while on a public network, as you create a network only for your device. Thirdly, it’ll allow you to hide your surfing habits and browse the web freely while at work (yes, even the typical blocked sites like YouTube and Facebook). The Keezel is available on IndieGoGo to early backers for $79. [Purchase]