KEEN Uneek Sandals

Portland based KEEN is looking to push the envelope when it comes to innovative footwear as they debut their all new KEEN Uneek Sandals.

Nothing more than a sole connected to a pair of cords, these are a truly unique offering. More than just your standard pair of sandals, the Uneek are designed to tackle the terrain of the the great outdoors. The outsole itself is constructed from polyurethane, while the upper is made up entirely of two interwoven cords, and a comfortable neoprene heel piece to keep the the outsole attached to your foot. The design allows for a shoe that is not only flexible and durable, but also breathable and extremely lightweight. These “shoes” have just hit the market this week, and are carrying a retail price of $100 for both men and women. The minimalist movement continues marching forward for the summer season. [Purchase]

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