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KEA Outdoors’ Smell-Proof STASH Bag Keeps Your Camping Trip Clean

We all know how strenuous it can be to carry loads of trash on a camping trip — after all, littering should never be an option. Seeing as this is the case, a New Zealand-bred gear startup named KEA has unveiled its smell-proof, trash compacting bag for a refined take on throwing the garbage away.

The STASH practically fuses a sturdy dry bag composition with the convenience of a Ziploc bag. It boasts a fully leakproof TPU-constructed liner with a large zip-seal to ensure that nothing can leak. On top of that, it doubles as a compacter, so you can roll the bag up, crush your trash, and push it down to even further to make additional space.

The bag is available in two iterations: the STASH GO and STASH XL. The former is tailored toward a day or two on the trails, while the latter is for activities like car camping, boating, and kayaking. Another functional aspect of either option is the aluminum hooks and straps that allow you to attach them to anything you see fit.

Whether you need a food bag, water bag, or a place to secure your freshly caught fish, this is the way to go. The up-and-coming brand has already shattered its Kickstarter goal by over $40,000, and backers can pre-order a KEA STASH starting from a pledge of NZ$48 (~$30).

Kickstarter: $30+

Photo: KEA