Droog Morphs Kawasaki’s Ninja Into An Apocalyptic Urban Streetfighter

While there are a wide variety of upgrades just about anyone can do to customize their motorcycle, some of the most impressive builds are those that completely transform the donor bike. And few builders are quite as good as that as the folks at Droog Moto. They’ve managed to impress us, yet again, with their DM-015 build: a Kawasaki Ninja 250 they’re calling The Urban Fighter

Alternatively called MOTO 15, this sport bike redux is a complete and utter reimagining of the bike that rolled off the factory floor. But morphing it into the stripped-down streetfighter you see before you took quite a bit of work — including stripping it completely of its fairings, fitting a new pair of Droog handlebars, swapping out the cockpit area in favor of a digital waterproof dash and a unique LED headlight fixture, wrapping new disc wheels in beefy all-terrain tires, upgrading the suspension, and upgrading the 250cc engine with a new exhaust and performance air filter. Best of all, if you’re fond of this particular build, it can be yours for $30,000.

Purchase: $30,000