Katalis’ EV.500 Is A Bespoke WW2 Fighter Jet-Inspired All-Electric Scooter

While modern electric motorcycles and scooters are increasingly offering unparalleled utility, much of the western world is still having trouble getting over the often less-than-attractive aesthetic designs of these proton-powered two-wheelers. That could soon change, however, as a growing number of startups are finding clever ways to repackage these electric rides, with one stellar example being the Katalis Company’s newly unveiled EV.500.

The Southern Jakarta-based company started the project with a bone-stock Selis Garuda e-scooter, which it proceeded to strip of its powertrain. The Garuda’s 500W motor and 48V, 12Ah battery now sit in a bespoke frame made from 6061 aluminum — the same material used to produce the EV.500’s 14” disc wheels and bespoke swing-arm. The bodywork on the e-bike takes its inspiration from WW2-era fighter jets, with a single-piece, riveted unit that comprises the tail, fairing, tank, and front and rear shrouds. The retro fighter jet theme is furthered by the use of a vintage voltmeter, a covered headlight switch, and a heavy machinery-style integrated turn-key starter. Guided by a 5.75” LED headlight, the EV.500 is good for a top speed of 25mph and a range of 25 miles on a single charge. For more information check out Katalis’ social media channels.

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