Karuizawa Whisky Collection

Back in 2000, one of Japan’s most coveted distilleries, the Karuizawa distillery, closed down. Since then, their products’ popularity has only risen amongst the whiskey-drinking population. It was initially a small operation, releasing 150,000 bottles a year, but since the distillery closed those numbers are obviously much smaller today. Fortunately for collectors, an entire collection of of Karuizama Whisky is slated to be auctioned off at the beginning of next month.

Over 290 bottles are up for grabs. And no, you need not purchase the entire collection in order to get your hands on them. Instead, you can place your bid on individual bottles in the collection, including one extremely rare find, a bottle of Karuizama 1960, one of only 41 bottles ever released. Think of it as an estate sale for whisky the world over, including fine offerings from Japan. Prices will vary no doubt, and the auction is set to run from April 5th to the 17th. [Purchase]