Karma’s SC2 Electric Hypercar Is Good For 1,100HP & 10,500Ft-Lb Of Torque

Today at the LA Auto Show, Karma pulled the cover off its latest electric hypercar prototype with the absolutely stunning new SC2. The sleek new EV initially broke cover at the Shanghai Auto Show back in Spring of 2019 as the SC1, though unlike the first version, the Wanxiang Group-owned outfit has released a host of impressive specs and cutting edge technological features offered by the SC2.

Powered by a 120-kWh battery pack paired with twin electric motors fore and aft that, according to the manufacturer, pump out a whopping 800kW — that’s 1,100HP, for those keeping score — and a completely insane claimed 10,500ft-lbs of torque. The SC2 is bestowed with what Karma calls an “Ultra Sonic Sensor Stalk” which regulates a finely-tuned combination of regenerative and carbon-ceramic braking, as well as an advanced launch control system that helps the proto-hypercar achieve a blistering 0-60mph time of under 1.9-seconds. Affording a 350-mile range, the Karma also boasts patented articulating hinge winged doors, unique 15-arm forged rims, a push-rod operated race suspension setup, and a Karma torque vectoring gearbox. Underneath its bespoke Vapor Gray, hand-painted bodywork, the four-wheeled temple to torque packs a slew of noteworthy tech, including biometric seat and steering wheel adjustment, fingerprint and facial recognition unlocking, a fighter-jet-style electro-chromatic windshield that goes from clear to smoked/tinted at the touch of a button, a mounted smartphone that serves as a rear-view camera, and coolest of all: a sub-windshield-mounted triple hi-def camera and FMCW Lidar sensors that capture 360-degree video — plus real-time cornering, braking, acceleration, data — which can then be replayed (or shared) once the car is parked via its adaptive laser projector — essentially giving the SC2 a built-in video-game-style race simulator.

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