Karma Pininfarina GT

In an effort to bring some much-needed European heritage to the North American automotive market, the newly established Karma Automotive purchased a previously penned coach design from none other than Henrik Fisker — the renowned contributor famous for his work with BMW and Aston Martin. Now, the stateside company has partnered with the established Italian coachbuilder, Pininfarina, to create their all-new GT.

The GT owes much of its design principle to that of the originally acquired “Revero” — the Fisker-designed platform that Karma used as the basis for the new two-door vehicle. After cutting back on the Revero’s design language, Pininfarina took to the drawing board to figure out a way to differentiate the supercar from its predecessor. Organic front-end styling, softer linework, and relaxed angles were implemented alongside obvious cues from Aston Martin’s DB10 headlights, a front hood line derived from a number of famed Lamborghinis, and Ferrari’s established grille layout. Pininfarina emblems have been stitched into the interior seating, but aside from a few new materials, the GT pulls heavily from its Revero kin. Although the vehicle isn’t slated for production, Pininfarina stated that “enthusiast interest” might change the company’s mind regarding a limited-quantity batch — so, there might be a chance to snag one in the future, however slim.

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