Karesuando Unna Aksu Hunting Axe

Every outdoorsman deserves a well-crafted hunting axe. And with the Unna Aksu Hunting Axe, that’s exactly what you get, plus a handsome aesthetic. Manufactured by the Sweden-based Karesuando Kniven, each small axe measures just under 10 inches length, making this a uniquely packable option for any extended excursion in the woods.

What’s quite striking about this axe is the handle. It’s constructed from a curvy piece of birch wood and features an inlaid emblem made up of antlers and elk pommel. The blade itself is a 4-inch cut of hardened and sharpened HRC55 stainless steel, sharp and durable enough to skin any animal you catch and assist you in preparing a meal, Revenant style. Available now for about $210. [Purchase]