KantoorKaravaan Mobile Office

Jul 14, 2015

Category: Living

You’d probably rather do anything than sit in your uninspiring office every day, performing the same monotonous tasks you do daily. Of course, offices usually aren’t the most inspiring places to work, even if yours has a window in it. That’s why The Tipping Point Foundation out of the Netherlands has developed a solar-powered micro-office that you can take off-grid with you.

Introducing the KantoorKaravaan, which aside from the horrific name is quite an exciting idea. It’s a solar-powered, self-contained micro-office that has everything you need to get the job done away from the office. Each of the several available units has a solar power array with a battery system that will run a laptop and other small devices, as well as an espresso machine and a MiFi mobile internet router. The units also include an efficient biomass cooker for preparing food and hot water. Of course, there are clear advantages to working around nature, but the most important is that it’ll invigorate your mind to increase your productivity. With the KantoorKaravaan, you’ll likely find yourself with a clearer head and a fuller screen. [Purchase]

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