Expand Your Outdoor Sleeping Options With Kammok’s Pongo Pad

While an outdoor hammock reduces the number of items you need to pack for the trail, the creature-comforts of a wide, balanced sleeping area and padded surface are often negated, leaving you with a sub-par sleeping solution that’s dependent on exemplary conditions. Kammok’s Pongo sleeping pad is here to remedy that — bringing you a durable sleeping surface that’s been built for the great outdoors and tailored specifically for those who swear upon their hammock haven.

Kammok’s Pongo sleeping pad was built to provide avid trail-goers with the perfect, packable surface for extended endeavors, expanding to an inflated thickness of three inches for an ultra-stable sleeping area. The Pongo slides into (and out of) a suspended hammock with ease, thanks to its angular, tapered design. At the pad’s widest area, a durable 20D polyester material helps to push the hammock’s material outward, giving you adequate space to toss and turn, while a gradual taper helps to keep your feet in place. Silicone baffles on the exterior of the pad keep it secure while inside of your favorite sleeping apparatus. When everything’s said and done, the Pongo packs down into a waterproof Gravitas 40D Diamond ripstop nylon stuff sack for easy transport.

Purchase: $140