Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt

Getting caught without a blanket at any time of the year just sucks. Whether during chilly summer nights on the beach or straight up freezing weather up in the mountains, it always helps have durable and warm piece of fabric by your side. Kammok’s Firebelly Trail Quilt is designed to be exactly that and more.

This 750 fill 15D Ripstop water repellent down blanket is designed to stand up to everything a camping trip might throw your way. Not only is it quick drying, but the Firebelly uses an Atmos material that is incredibly efficient at retaining the heat you generate while the Insotect Flow technology allows for that warmth to be evenly distributed throughout the blanket – effectively eliminating cold spots. To top it all off, the blanket is designed to fold in on itself creating a kind of bed or sleeping bag when you need it. Whether you are looking for a blanket for a drafty cabin or one for nights out in the woods – this is a hell of a pick. Prices are set just under $300. [Purchase]

Firebelly Quilt by Kammok 2

Firebelly Quilt by Kammok 1