Kammok Sunda Tent & Hammock

We think of camping tents today, our view is somewhat myopic. That is to say, a camping tent serves one purpose, looks a specific way and functions solely as such. Well, the good folk over at Kammok wanted to test that theory, so they put their heads together and developed this modular and versatile camping tent that functions in many different ways.

First and foremost this product is a 2-person tent, made for good-old-fashioned camping on the ground floor. However, if you’re by yourself and faced with uneven terrain, it doubles as an all-in -one hammock for one complete with a rain fly. The design is modeled after the Sunda Flying Lemur, it’s namesake, and made from their proprietary Lumos shell waterproof fabric that reflects heat from infrared rays to keep you cool. It can also function as a simple shelter, a solo hammock without the rain fly and is ultra light so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around several different shelters in one pack. They’re currently accepting reservations on Kickstarter and plan to retail the Sunda for $399. [Purchase]

Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock 8

Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock 9

Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock 7

Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock 4

Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock 1

Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock 3