Kamaz Master Dakar Racing Truck

When most people think of racing, chances are what comes to mind are sleek and incredibly powerful European cars. Of course, despite the lack of coverage, the world of auto racing is much more broad than that. Just take a look at the newest of what the world of truck-racing has to offer, the Kamaz Master.

This 980 horsepower beast is designed specifically for the 2017 Dakar Rally, one of the most brutal courses in the world. It is a race that spans over 1,000 miles of desert terrain and which requires teams to carry along all of their own equipment for the duration of the trip. Now, after losing this year’s race, the Kamaz team has come out with their brand new ‘Master’ designed to win the race next year. Instead of setting the cabin right on top of the front axle, the guys at Kamaz have set it back on the Kamaz-4326 chassis resulting in better maneuvering over sand and smoother landings. To power all of the bulk, the truck is equipped with a 12.5-liter diesel engine that pushes its horsepower to all four wheels through a 15 speed ZF transmission. Those Russians aren’t messing around.

Kamaz Master 1

Kamaz Master 2

Kamaz Master 3

Kamaz Master 4

Kamaz Master 5

Kamaz Master 6