Monitor Your Meat From Anywhere With Kamado Joe’s ‘Pellet Joe’ Bluetooth Grill

In recent years, pellet grills have become undeniably popular. At the head of this movement, companies like Traeger, Weber, and Kamado Joe have helped to usher in the era of outdoor smoking with their fantastic platforms. Now, Kamado is taking one of its most popular, egg-shaped silhouettes to the next level with the fully-connected “Pellet Joe.”

Lauded for their unprecedented efficiency when grilling vegetables and meats, these egg-shaped offerings boast a reputation that’s already ill-matched. To raise the stakes on an otherwise amazing grilling experience, Kamado Joe has decided to introduce a wood pellet-powered model outfitted with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing grill masters to monitor (and control) the platform through its app. This, paired with a more efficient ceramic design, is said to boost the grill’s total smoking time to around 14 hours — plenty of time for most traditional meats. Since the Pellet Joe also boasts an 18-inch cooking surface, it’s obvious that you won’t be feeding an army with its proposed serving sizes, but in terms of efficiency, the grill certainly succeeds in its mission. Head to Kamado Joe’s website — where the $2,000 grill is currently sold out — for more information.

Purchase: $2,000