Kaleidescape’s 11,000+ Film 4K Ultra HD Movie Service Is A Netflix Killer

For the average joe, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and now Disney+ are more than enough for their movie-watching needs. However, true cinephiles know that, in order to get the true film experience, you need a lot more than those services have to offer. It’s for these folks that Kaleidescape’s Luxury Home Cinema Experience exists.

Created by film buffs for film buffs, Kaleidescape is the world’s only online provider of films with full-fidelity audio and video from all the major studios using minimal compression to preserve their original quality. In fact, their catalog spans over 11,000 movies (compared to Netflix’s 5,665) including a massive number of cinematic classics — like Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction, and 2001: A Space Odyssey to name a few. And they’re all accessible via the brand’s award-winning Strato movie players, which boast compatibility with 4K Ultra HD video and lossless audio, including Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, they also offer a 40TB dedicated server, a smartphone app for on-the-go movie purchasing, and even specialty equipment for private yachts. Reach out to Kaleidescape for more information.

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