The World’s First Disposable Paper Razor Reduces Plastic Use By 98%

Any time you’re traveling or having guests over for an extended period of time, you can’t beat the convenience of a disposable razor — they take the hassle out of handle sharing and they save you from having to bring along a set of spare blades. That being said, their plastic construction is hardly planet-conscious, for they accumulate in landfills and often make their way into our oceans’ waters.

But with the launch of the world’s first-ever paper razor, Japanese-based Kai Group (Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, Shun) is poised to make disposable grooming much more sustainable. That’s because it features a water-resistant paper body with a set of steel blades, a combination that cuts down on plastic usage by some 98%. What’s more, its design makes it incredibly compact, with each razor weighing just 4g and an entire set of five flat-packed at just 5mm thick. Come time to shave, it’s as simple as following its origami-like instructions and making a few folds to make it a razor that’s fully rigid and easy to hold. It’ll be available in five colors starting April 22nd — Earth Day — for ¥1,100 (about $10).

Purchase: $10