Kaffeeform Coffee Cups

(In our best Matrix Morpheus voice) What if we told you there was a way to drink coffee out of a cup made from coffee. Talk about your meta mind-blowers.

Kaffeeform is a new recycled material made from used coffee grounds and renewable raw materials, and its makers decided to employ a touch of irony in its first usage with a set of coffee cups. Each cup has a unique appearance of dark marblewood and retains the aroma of coffee, so you’re getting double the sensory seduction. The cups are said to be lightweight, washable and durable, so this isn’t a one-time novelty here. The material and cups will soon make their public debut at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, with an initial production run of 250 Kaffeeform cups will be offered exclusively at the fair stand. [Purchase]

Kaffeeform Coffee Cups 2


Kaffeeform Coffee Cups 4