Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

Sometimes you need a fork. Sometimes you need a spoon. And other times you need a shank. So why not fuse the three together in a modular design that’ll keep you safe no matter what you eat for dinner. Well, the good folks over at Ka-Bar felt the same way, which is why they put together this Tactical Spork Tool for us to enjoy.

Each Tactical Spork hosts a hidden knife inside of the handle. The knife itself features a 2.5-inch serrated blade and an overall length of 6.875 inches. Take it camping, use it for self-defense, or keep it at the ready for when all the cutlery is dirty. It’s also built from a high-strength polymer that’s of course food safe. Ka-Bar is known in the knife world for their precision craftsmanship in quality knife manufacturing, making knives since 1898. So while it may look like a gag gift on the surface, rest assured that this blade means businesses. Available now for $8.

Purchase: $8