Ka-Bar Dog’s Head Coppersmith Pocket Knife

As far as the world of knives is concerned, Ka-Bar is one of the greats. Tracing their history all the way back to the turn of the 20th century. They’re the premier craftsmen of high-quality military, hunting, and outdoor survival knives. And this one in particular, a tribute to sport hunting the world over, looks to aid in the continuation of that very legacy.

Featuring a 3” blade and an open length of 6-3/4,” this slip-joint lock-style knife features a copper bolster and shield. It’s a metal that helps the emblems pop with classic flair off the root beer brown bone handle. The knife itself is made from D2 steel and the bone handle has been buffed and shined resulting in a sleek carry item that looks good while getting the job done. I mean we all know that function outweighs form in this world, but it doesn’t hurt to turn a few heads in the process. You can pick up this handsome Ka-Bar knife at various retail outlets for around $83. [Purchase]