Optimize Your Performance & Recovery With Just Live’s CBD Gummies

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When looking for tips or insight on how to improve your athletic game or fitness level, it never hurts to look at the athletes at the top of their sport, as their routines and training regiments often reveal little-known tricks and hacks to maximize training, performance, and recovery. And one resource that’s continued to be embraced by elite athletes and action-sports stars alike is Cannabidiol products.

Recognizing the completely non-psychoactive, therapeutic properties of CBD, Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson, skateboarding star Paul Rodriguez, professional soccer player Alex Morgan, and MX champ and all-around motorsport legend Travis Pastrana, have joined forces to create the ultimate CBD recovery and performance tool, ultimately giving way to the launch of the Just Live brand and its range of CBD Gummies. Manufactured using an entirely transparent supply chain and guaranteed to contain absolutely zero THC, Just Live’s Gummies are made from an all-natural pure hemp extract and come in conveniently sized 25mg doses. Proven to reduce inflammation, bolster your immune system, and promote sleep while helping to improve focus, these gummies are produced in half a dozen varieties, each of which focuses on a different area of well-being and comes in a myriad of genuinely tasty flavors. Just Live’s 30-count bottles of 25mg CBD Gummies — and the “Benefit Bundle” which includes 5-count 25mg sample packs of all six therapeutic varieties — are available now with pricing set at $55, though for a limited time HiConsumption readers are being offered 30% off when using the code ‘hiconsumption’ at checkout.

Purchase: $39

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