This Flat-Packed Mobile Medical ICU Can Be Delivered & Set-Up Anywhere

The ongoing global pandemic has forced mankind to find immediate solutions to the medical crisis shortly off on the horizon, with the number of facilities, hospital beds, and respirators necessary that are expected to soon be massively trumped by an enormous number of patients. With the clock ticking, a new startup known as JUPE HEALTH is aiming to provide a solution to this looming cataclysm in the form of self-containing mobile medical suites.

JUPE’s answer to this issue is called the “PLUS,” a $99,000, approximately 222-square foot mobile intensive care unit containing all the standard essential equipment you’d find at a regular hospital. These prefab units have been designed for easy transport, with the mobile assemblies shipping as flat floor-plans that can fit 24 units onto a single standard 40’ flatbed truck. They also have leveling jacks so they can be placed on uneven surface and can be unloaded using a basic forklift. Thus far, JUPE is selling these units to both public and private organizations in the US, with preference going to the most heavily-impacted areas first. JUPE also has a smaller unit called the “REST” that provides doctors and nurses with sleeping quarters while out in the field — an aspect that’s too often overlooked.

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