Junghans Updates Its Iconic Max Bill Watch With Solar Power & Radio Accuracy

Junghans is a storied company whose roots can be traced back to the late 1800s, and with over a hundred years of experience in the realms of watch and clock-making, the German outfit has more than a few notches in their belt. The Max Bill, for example, is one of the genre’s most recognizable models, especially for those who are fond of the minimalist Bauhaus movement.

Not much has changed since the watch was introduced by the company all the way back in 1961. After all, its timeless silhouette, dependable simplicity, and modest demeanor have made it a notable model within certain horological circles. So, when Junghans announced that the Max Bill was being released as a new-adapted solar variant, our interest was piqued. Housed within a durable and lightweight titanium case, the Max Bill’s radio-controlled solar movement allows for punctual precision, complementing its perpetual calendar and app-controlled time zone adjustability. Surprisingly, all of these new updates are packed into the model’s classic 38-millimeter architecture, ensuring that the Max Bill’s sleek, unassuming stature doesn’t deviate from the original. Head to Junghans’ website for more info.

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