Juggernaut Beer Growler

Our 64-ounce growler has served us well, but there are times when we’d like to store a little more stockpile of our favorite brew. For those times, the Juggernaut growler is the only one fit for the job.

The folks at DrinkTanks have come together to create the world’s largest beer growler. Now you can leave your local brewery with 128 ounces of the good stuff. Like their previous offering, the Juggernaut is built from stainless steel and features double-walled insulation. And while holding this much beer in itself is awesome, the ability to hook their C02 cartridge up (keeping your beer fresher for longer) is the real selling point for us. Whether you’re heading to a friend’s house, or gearing up for a House of Cards binge session, a gallon of beer will always complete the party. [Purchase]

Juggernaut Beer Growler 2

Juggernaut Beer Growler 3

Juggernaut Beer Growler 4