Joshua Tree’s Mirrored ‘Invisible House’ Is A Rentable Desert Oasis

Jun 16, 2020

Category: Living

Just 10 minutes from the sleepy downtown area of Joshua Tree, designer Tomas Osinski and film producer Chris Hanley have created an invisible escape fit for the desert-savvy. This minimalist-inspired dwelling takes on the aspects of the duo’s most timeless projects, and now, it’s available for meetings, film & photo shoots, or a night amidst the town’s star-filled skies.

The aptly-named “Invisible House” draws heavy influence from the mirrored skyscrapers of New York, calling upon the same tempered glass used on a multitude of the city’s towering buildings. To complement its angular presence, the dwelling has been placed atop a series of cylindrical supports, helping it to elongate toward a single cantilevered end. From inside of the 5,500-square-foot home, denizens will be treated to panoramic views, highlighting the property’s 90-acre landscape. But if you’re more interested in a relaxing escape where the external is placed on the backburner, never fear; you’ll be able to bask in the Invisible House’s 100-foot-long interior swimming pool, cook in its cleanly-tailored kitchen, or sleep in one of four luxurious bedrooms, each with its own suite of exposed glass elements. This doesn’t come free, however. For around $1,750 an hour, you’ll be able to use the duo’s Invisible House as you see fit.

Purchase: $1,750+

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