JOOLA Infinity Is The Ultimate Smart Ping Pong Training Robot

Although the only ping pong champion you know off the top of your head is probably Forrest Gump, the popular sport is tons of fun to watch and play. Now you can improve your rallying skills with the new JOOLA Infinity Smart Table Tennis Robot and maybe even enter a competition or two.

The JOOLA robot can emulate any shot you can think of, from fundamental to expert strokes. This device can shoot anywhere on the table with 150° oscillation control. You can even control the trajectory, making the robot shoot serves, pushes, loops, and lops from -30° to 50°, up and down. There’s also adjustments for spin control, as well as indicator lights for topspin and underspin. And you can even adjust the frequency, as this device can spit out 30 to 100 balls per minute from 2.5 mph to 45 mph. Control the robot easily with the app and level up your ping pong skills in no time. You can back this project today for $499.

Kickstarter: $499