Jones Project X Snowboard

Late fall is always a giddy time for us. Not only because of the rapidly approaching holiday season but because we know, somewhere at a higher elevation, snow is beginning to fall from the sky. And that only means one thing. Snowboard season. Conveniently enough, coinciding with some opening days around the nation, Jones Snowboards just released one of their sharpest, lightest, and fastest boards to date.

It’s called the Project X, and it utilizes the same Textreme Carbon layer used in Formula 1 cars instead of the traditional topsheet/fiberglass used in today’s boards. The technology is their most advanced so far, providing insight into what the industry may hold for those involved. It features a Spoon nose with beveled-up edges that improve overall float and fluidity of turns while beveled-up tail edges decrease catch. The board also features recycled ABS sidewalls, oversized recycled edges, and a sintered ultra base. Only a limited number are set for production as well. Available now for $1,499. [Purchase]