John F. Kennedy’s Leather Bomber Jacket

John F. Kennedy was one of the most beloved presidents the United States has ever had. He was also the youngest, at just 43 when he was elected – and his youth shone brightly through the clothes he wore. Usually, that amounted to a tailored suit and tie, but he did not shy away from more casual – and cool – attire. Now, you can own a parcel of that presidential style, straight from the oval closet – JFK’s Personally Owned Leather Bomber Jacket, now up for auction.

While sailing around his home town of Hyannis Port on the Cape Cod Peninsula, President Kennedy would often don one of his beloved leather G-1 bomber jackets. With a Presidential seal patch on the left breast, this is the official, and personally owned bomber of the late Commander-and-Chief and American icon. Purchased by White House Supply and Logistics Officer Lt. Henry Hirschy for the President, the jacket comes with multiple letters ensuring its authenticity, and even an 8” x 10” color photo of President Kennedy wearing an identical jacket, if not the same, on his Yacht.

Purchase: $200,000+