John Deere ZTrack 900 Airless-Tire Mower

Don’t kick the tires on John Deere’s new ZTrack 900 Airless-Tire Mower. You’ll only hurt your foot. Using Michelin’s open-air wheels – Tweels, as Michelin calls them – in the back, this commercial-grade ride-on mower is built for serious grass-cutting.

The ZTrack 900’s tires promise to never go flat and last three times as long as a traditional pneumatic tire. Plus the open-air design of the Tweel – a reinforced outer tread is connected to a central hub with a series of rubber spokes that bend and flex like a real tire – means upgraded comfort and shock absorption too. All that plus better reaction when cutting over curbs and bumps too. At $8,000+, we expect to see these on MLB fields way before we spot them on our neighbor’s lawn. [Purchase]