John Deere Military Gator Utility Vehicles

Since the mid-1800s, John Deere has been one of the most trusted name in hardcore farming equipment – especially when it comes to their tractors. So when they decided to make a series of mil-spec off-road transports, they infused them with that same durability and versatility.

Called the Military Gator Utility Vehicle, the lineup includes the M-Gator A1 and the M-Gator A3-T. The former is an 854cc diesel- and JP8-compatible mobile maintenance cart – a vehicle specifically designed to move troops and equipment around bases and battlefields. The latter also boasts the same 854cc diesel/JP8 engine (18.5 horsepower), but features much more reconfigurability for a bit of a more versatile format. It also includes military rifle mounts, a collapsible roll bar, and much more. These super badass transport vehicles prove that John Deere is a lot more than just a tractor builder.

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