Johhnie Walker Rolls Out A Recyclable Whisky Bottle Made Entirely From Paper

Jul 17, 2020

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Headquartered in London, Diageo is a multinational beverage and spirits company that owns numerous big-name brands including Lagavulin, Smirnoff, Guinness, and Johnnie Walker, to name a few. In an effort to lessen its overall environmental footprint, Diageo has joined forces with venture management firm, Pilot Lite to create a new, more environmentally-friendly form of packaging for the conglomerate’s subsidiaries’ liquid offerings, starting with Johnnie Walker.

The two companies have jointly launched Pulpex Limited, a new sustainable packaging and technology outfit that’s responsible for producing new containers. In an effort to ensure these more eco-friendly forms of packaging are utilized on a mass scale, Pulpex has formed a collective with a myriad of other leading companies including PepsiCo and Unilever, though additional major players are expected to sign on. 100% recyclable and entirely devoid of any plastics, these paper bottles are made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. These new containers are better for the environment than their glass-constructed counterparts, and they don’t compromise the quality of their internal contents. Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky will be the first offering to utilize the new Pulpex-made paper bottles, which are slated to hit store shelves in the first quarter of 2021.

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