Enjoy Fresh Brews In The Backcountry With JoGo’s Portable Filtered Coffee Straw

While outdoor enthusiasts are willing to sacrifice a lot of their creature comforts for the sake of a successful camping trip, a warm cup of coffee is usually non-negotiable. That being said, portable brewing setups are far from perfect solutions, as they’re often bulky, messy, or they result in an ill-tasting cup-o-joe.

At least they were before the launch of the JoGo, a coffee brewing straw that makes enjoying a campsite cup easier than ever. Inspired by the bombilla (a traditional drinking straw for sipping maté), it features a stainless steel body with a fine mesh filter and a silicone sip-tip. Come time to brew, just add some grounds and hot water to a cup, give the mix a quick stir, and you’ll be sipping on fresh French press flavor in no time. Oh, and even if coffee isn’t exactly your thing, the JoGo has plenty of other uses, including loose-leaf teas, fruit juices, and even cocktails. You can back it now on Kickstarter starting at $17.

Kickstarter: $17+