JHO GS1 Knife

In case it isn’t abundantly clear by now, we love pocket knives. So long as they are well designed and made of decent materials, we are usually completely onboard. That being said, it takes a very special blade to garner any extra attention or praise. So, believe us when we say that the newly released JHO GS1 is something special. Because it is.

Short for “Gentleman’s Slasher,” this incredibly beautiful knife was inspired by the design of classic straight razors. You know, the kind that were used in the old days as shaving tools and now are used almost exclusively by high-end barber shops and hipsters. And just like those razors, the GS1 is a friction folder free of extraneous springs and locking mechanisms. Boasting a sleek industrial style nigh unmatched by the competition, it is constructed out of superb materials to match. The blade is made from CPM S35VN steel and the handle is titanium. As simple as it might seem, this barbarous blade is an exercise in pure minimalist functionality. If you’re ready to spend the $260 starting to get one, know that each blade sold also comes with a case, a T6 & T8 screwdriver, and extra Teflon washers. [Purchase]