This 250MPH Jetpack Soars From The Ground To 3K+ Feet In 30 Seconds

Around since 2015, Jetman Dubai’s ‘Jetwing’ personal aircraft has been an awe-inspiring project that’s given us hope we might one day live out our dreams of flying through the sky like Iron Man. However, up until now, they’ve only launched from elevated platforms or aircraft. Now, they’ve hit a new milestone with a record-setting flight in the video you can watch below.

For reference, the carbon fiber quad-turbine Jetwing has some pretty impressive stats — including a 31-mile range (in just 15 minutes), a top speed of over 250mph, the ability to fly at altitudes of over 20,000 feet, and a pair of onboard action cameras (including a 360-degree one). But what’s really special about its newest achievement is that it took off from a standstill on the ground and launched to over 3,000 feet in just 30 seconds — a feat never before accomplished by any other jetpack. At this juncture, the company has no plans to make a production version, but we’re not ruling it out after this groundbreaking event.

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