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Jetboil’s Stash Camp Stove Is Its Lightest, Most Packable Cooking System Ever

If there’s one thing that any backpacker worth their salt knows, it’s that space comes at a premium whenever you’re prepping for time out on the trail. As such, it often becomes a case of prioritizing your needs, for as much as you’d like to bring along that second mid-layer fleece or that hammer to pitch your tent, you’ll end up paying for it later because of the extra weight.

However, if you’re smart about what you carry, it’s more than possible to save some weight on bulkier items. Take Jetboil’s newly announced Stash portable camp stove, for instance. As the brand’s lightest cooking system ever made — a scant 7.1oz — it clocks in some 40% lighter than its counterparts. What’s more, it’s been specifically designed to nest its components within itself, with room for the burner, fuel canister, and stand inside the main cook pot. And when you consider that it’ll boil 500mL of water in just 2.5 minutes, the Stash makes for some seriously next-level packable camping equipment. You can pre-order it now for $130 at the link below.

Purchase: $130