Jet Blaster Ceda Modular Foam Dart Gun

While most kids are fine using stock NERF guns, grown-ups have created an entire community dedicated to upgrading and customizing the foam dart shooters. But, while NERF themselves aren’t sanctioning these endeavors, the folks at Jet Blaster are looking to make things a whole lot easier with their Ceda, the world’s first modular NERF-style gun.

Designed with a two-pin quick-release shell, this toy gun is built specifically to be stripped, customized, and re-assembled with little-to-no frustration for the user. And while it’s made to be upgraded, it’s a pretty nifty blaster on its own – offering unique breach-loading, pump action, a 12-dart clip, and an enhanced plunger tube that gives a boost to performance over standard NERF guns. Jet Blaster even makes their own all-metal internal parts, so you can assemble a much more durable and long-lasting blaster. Available in your choice of red or blue, this revolutionary foam dart gun is selling for just $69.

Purchase: $69