Jeri-Rigg Heavy Duty Anchor Straps

Having spent a lot of time with both road trips and outdoor adventures, we can tell you first-hand that hauling, tying-down, and storing a lot of heavy gear and supplies can be a bit like playing a risky game of Tetris. But all of those experiences could have been made a lot safer and easier if we had known about the Jeri-Rigg heavy duty anchor straps.

These hybrid tie-down/anchor point/attachment straps are one of the simplest and most secure ways to haul or hold a heavy load. All you have to do is wrap them around a load-bearing bar, beam, or whatever else and, like magic, the job is done in seconds. And they’re incredibly strong, too – made from a combination of 100% polyester and powder-coated 1020 steel that’s capable of supporting up to 3,000 pounds each. The next time you’re headed out on the road with a pickup full of supplies or you just need to hang up some gear in the rafters above your garage, get some of these Jeri-Riggs and save yourself some time and risk. Prices start at $16.

Purchase: $16+