Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium

Dec 1, 2015

Category: Living

Jellyfish aquariums aren’t anything new, and we’ve seen numerous models all over the web. The problem, though, is that they’re all expensive and require a lot of attention. Now, Jellyfish Art has introduced their own Jellyfish Aquarium, that claims to be the easiest, most affordable jellyfish tank ever created.

Now, you can be distracted by the beauty of illuminated jellyfish at the office or in your own home. A special laminar water flow pattern mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish, which is something that can’t be achieved in regular fish tanks. The device contains a hidden compartment that makes it simple to operate and keep clean. It comes with an LED light that can be changed to virtually any color with the simple touch of a button. Best of all, it comes with all of the accessories needed, and all you need to do is add water. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter for an early backer price of $150. [Purchase]

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