This Swiss Company Is Making an Electric Seaplane for Sightseeing

Jekta Phaze 100 Electric Seaplane 0 Hero
Photo: Jekta

Prior to World War II, seaplanes provided a pragmatic alternative to wheeled aircrafts. For one, they didn’t need a runway to land — and since over 70% of the Earth is made of water, this meant that you didn’t need to be near a major city’s airport to disembark. However, seaplanes weren’t super aerodynamic and after the War, engineers focused more on improving speed than anything else. As a result, seaplanes fell out of style, relegated to the likes of Bond movies and Fantasy Island reruns.

Jekta Phaze 100 Electric Seaplane 1
Photo: Jekta

Now, a company out of Switzerland named Jekta aims to bring about a new era for seaplanes with its PHA-ZE 100 — an electric island-hopper of sorts intended for short distances and two-hour-long sightseeing trips, even though the plane can go as high as 45,000ft. An acronym for Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emissions, the PHA-ZE has a 180kW electric power plant that can be fully charged in just 45 minutes, with a solar charging option as well.

Jekta Phaze 100 Electric Seaplane 2
Photo: Jekta

With an emphasis on safety, sustainability, and comfort, the flagship Economy model will feature 19 passenger seats, but Jekta intends to make 7 configurations in total, including a four-passenger VIP model and an Ambulance craft. The company plans to deliver over 400 seaplanes between 2026 and 2030.

If you want to learn more about the amphibious PHA-ZE 100 aircraft, head over to Jekta’s website now.