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Jeep Is Now Building A Tactical Mil-Spec Gladiator Off-Road Pickup

The original Jeep — AKA the Jeep Willys — was built for military use, only later modified for civilian life. And while many of Jeep’s modern options have shifted away from their military roots, they haven’t lost touch entirely. In fact, they’ve just teamed up with AM General, the company behind the Humvee, on a new all-terrain concept called the Gladiator Extreme Military-Grade Truck.

Called the Gladiator XMT for short, this 4×4 pickup is actually a civilian vehicle modified for global militaries through a wide variety of appearance and performance upgrades. And while the information is a bit sparse, there are a few things we know for sure. For instance, it’s said to have two advanced four-wheel-drive systems; skid plates on its underbelly; locking differentials; a winch system; “incredible approach, breakover[,] and departure angles,” and more. It’s still in the concept stages, but interest from global militaries could put it straight into production. There’s no word on whether a civilian version is planned.

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