This Is What Jeep’s Iconic Wrangler Could Look Like As A Kitted Off-Road Van

Based in Germany, Samir Sadikhov is one of the world’s leading automotive designers and concept artists, with a relatively short but nonetheless wholly illustrious career that’s included holding design positions at Lamborghini and Rezvani, as well as a prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Fresh on the heels of the designer’s take on what the iconic Land Rover Defender would look like as an adventure van, Sadikhov has now bestowed the Jeep Wrangler with a similar treatment, resulting in what he’s christened the “JEEP VANGLER.”

Looking like a modern imagining of the Brooks Stevens-designed Jeep Forward Control truck (late badged as the “Kaiser Jeep”), the VANGLER puts its driver against the windshield, providing an excellent view of the path ahead of the car. This is accomplished by lopping off the entire hood, engine bay, and front end of the Jeep to achieve a markedly more boxy aesthetic. Flared fenders, a winch, tow hooks, auxiliary lighting, and a roof rack all further the VANGLER’s off-road prowess. Sadikhov has also rendered the concept vehicle with both regular, and bar-style doors. To see more of the JEEP VANGLER or any other work from Sadikhov you can visit the designer’s website linked below.

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