Jeep Takes Aim At The Premium SUV Market With An EV Grand Wagoneer

First debuting in 1984, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer was a fairly game-changing SUV that saw the traditionally spartan vehicle class treated to a host of amenities and features that were far more typical of luxury European models of the era. Though it was pulled from production after the 1991 model year, the wood-clad SUV maintains an iconic status, which has recently prompted the American marque to introduce a contemporary iteration of the Grand Wagoneer for the modern world.

The new Grand Wagoneer Concept is powered by what Jeep calls an “advanced electric-vehicle powertrain,” which is said to rival the performance of other class-leading premium SUVs. Built with a focus on utilizing sustainable materials, the inside of the vehicle boasts third-row seating, a full-pane glass roof, multiple touch screens, a yacht-style teak wood trim, and a two-spoke steering wheel that pays homage to the original model’s unit. Riding on partially 3D-printed 24” aluminum wheels, the concept also gets numerous off-road bits such as tow hooks, winch, an aluminum, skid plate, and LED lighting throughout. Pricing and official specs have yet to be announced, though Jeep did state that the forthcoming Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models are slated to begin production in Detroit in 2021.

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