GeigerCars Gives The Jeep Trackhawk A Gulf Oil Livery & 900HP

Probably the most iconic livery of all time, Gulf Oil’s blue and orange colors are synonymous with speed and performance. Of course, a simple paint job doesn’t make a vehicle live up to that legacy, which is why GeigerCars loaded this Jeep Trackhawk Gulf 40 with plenty of upgrades.

Obviously, the iconic styling is spot-on from tip to tail. But what gets us particularly excited about this unique SUV is that, under the hood, the 6.2-liter V8 engine got a custom supercharger that bumps the powerplant from a seemingly-measly 707 horsepower up to a whopping 900. The torque has also been upgraded to 740 foot-pounds of torque, up from 645. All that power means this Jeep is capable of speeds up to 194 mph — which is the same top speed as a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. You could reach out to GeigerCars to get one built for yourself, or you can pick up a gently-used one from them for $145,000.

Purchase: $145,000+